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Huge List of Photoshop Tutorial Sites, Search Engines, & Directories

Today I have put together a huge list of Adobe Photoshop tutorial resources as well as Photoshop directories & search engines. Since Adobe Photoshop is the premiere Image Editing software that almost all graphic designers and web designers use, I feel it is important to make a list of the Adobe Photoshop sites where you can find quality Photoshop tutorials, tips, and techniques. Please post Photoshop sites that we have missed and we will add them to the list. Thank You!!



SEARCH TUTORIALS SELECT -A huge tutorials search engine with over 10,000 tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Graphics Software, Design, & Web Development tutorials.
CAPITAL TUTORIALS - Adobe Photoshop tutorial index and search engine with over 1,700 links to free Photoshop tutorials for every skill level. Some of the categories that these tutorials are separated into are Photoshop Basics, Text Effects, Special Effects, Web Layouts, Web Graphics, Textures & Patterns, and Photo Editing.
DA TUTORIALS - An Adobe Photoshop tutorials search engine and directory with 1000s of tutorials to look through including Photoshop tutorials for learning how to create & design Web Graphics, Web Layouts, Buttons, Effects,Text Effects, Photo Effects, Color, Photo Retouch, Textures and Patterns, Drawing, Basics, Designing, and Animation.
GOOD TUTORIALS - An Adobe Photoshop tutorials search engine. This one is a favorite of many Photoshop users because it has almost 10,000 Photoshop tutorials categorized and searchable.
KAOZ PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - Search this Photoshop tutorials directory with over 2,500 tutorials and lessons to browse or search through. This Photoshop site is categorized into Buttons, Menus, Text, Textures, Patterns, Drawing, Photoshop Basics, and Photo Manipulation Tutorials.
An Adobe Photoshop video tutorials resource site with about 50 video tutorials on Photoshop special effects, photo effects, retouching photos, text effects, web graphics, and other tips and tricks to help you learn how to become a better Adobe Photoshop user.
PHOTOSHOP LOVER - An Adobe Photoshop tutorial portal and search engine with over 6,000 tutorials for learning how to use Photoshop at the beginner level, intermediate level, as well as the advanced level. Some of the category topics include Photoshop Basics, Special Effects, Text Effects, Colors, Web & User Interface, snf Textures & Patterns in Adobe Photoshop.
PHOTOSHOP ROADMAP - Thousands of Adobe Photoshop tutorials categorized into many sub-categories for easy browsing, including Animation and Interactivity, Color correction and color theory
Graphics optimization and compression, Illustration techniques, Interface design, Layers and channels, Photo retouching, Photoshop Elements tutorials, Plugins and filters, Scanning, Special effects, Text effects, Textures and backgrounds, and Tools and commands Photoshop tutorials as well.
PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS DOT US - Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorials Directory and Search Engine that lists only quality Photoshop tutorials. The categories listed on this resource includes Adobe Photoshop Effects, Text Effects, Photo Effects, Photo Editing, Web Layouts, Web Graphics, Buttons, Textures and Patterns, Drawing, Photoshop Basics, and Photoshop Design Guides.
PIMP MY COM DIRECTORY - A directory of over 900 Adobe Photoshop tutorials on outside Photoshop resources sites as well as 70+ original Adobe Photoshop tutorials.
PIXEL2LIFE - Another favorite of Adobe Photoshop professionals, Pixel2Life is a Photoshop tutorials portal with thousands of tutorials categorized and searchable. Some of the categories that they offer are 3D Effects, Animation, Basic Help and Navigation, Brushes, Buttons and Interfaces, Color Application, Drawing, Filter Tricks, Forum Sigs, Icon Creation, Photo Editing, Photography Tips, Pixel Art, Poster and Ad Design Tips, Printed Media, Special Effects,Text Effects, Textures and, Tiles, Website Banners and Images, and Website Layouts.
PIXEL GROOVY - A Digg like site for tutorials.
REFDEV PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - A webmaster resources site with an Adobe Photoshop tutorials section. Browse through over 500 Photoshop lesson categories such as Actions, Basics, Buttons, Illustration Techniques, Interfaces, Layers, Metal, Photos, Special Effects, Text Effects, Textures, Backgrounds, Web Graphics & Design Tutorials.
TOTAL TUTORIALS - An Adobe Photoshop tutorials search engine & directory with 0ver 400 Photoshop tutorials to browse.
TUTORIALIZED - Over 2,500 Adobe Photoshop tutorials are listed in this huge Photoshop tutorials search engine and portal. Some of the Photoshop tutorial category topics listed here are Photoshop Abstracts, Animation, Photoshop Automation, Photoshop Basics, Brushes, Buttons, Color, Digital Art, Drawing, Special Effects, Photo Effects, Photograph Retouching, Photography, Text Effects, Textures and Patterns, Web Graphics, and Photoshop tutorials for Web Layouts.
TUTORIAL KIT - Tutorial Kit is a comprehensive resource and search engine for Adobe Photoshop tutorials and tips to help users of all skill levels reach their full potential. Browse their rich selection of 2,255 high quality professional tutorials to find that exact Photoshop effect or technique you're looking for!
TUTORIAL MAN - With more than 1,500 Adobe Photoshop tutorials in the Tutorial Man Arsenal, searching for a Photoshop tutorial has become so much easier. Some of the category topics include Creating Web Graphics with Photoshop, Photoshop Basics, Creating Designs & Layouts in Photoshop, Special Photoshop Effects, Creating Digital Art with Photoshop, and Creating Textual Effects with Photoshop. There is also a section of the site for Original and Unique Tutorial Man Photoshop tutorials, this section contains about 70 Original Photoshop tutorials for you to browse through.
TUTORIAL OUTPOST - A searchable directory of over 2,000 Adobe Photoshop tutorials with categorized Photoshop tutorials for Drawing, Special Effects, Photo Editing, Basics, Text Effects, and Textures & Patterns.
TUTORIO - A search engine for tutorials with over 400 pages of Adobe Photoshop tutorials to learn the craft with.


ADOBE DOT COM - Well, of course we have to include Adobe's Photoshop tutorials, lessons, tips, and helpful guides. A huge selection of helpful tips that will get you on the right track with Adobe Photoshop.
ABOUT DOT COM ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS TUTORIALS - has an amazing collection of original Adobe Photoshop tutorials"¦in fact, has one of the largest collection of original Photoshop tutorials that I have seen so far. Take a look and remember to bookmark this link"¦it is a keeper!
ADOBE EVANGELISTS TIPS AND TRICKS - This is an excellent resource for Adobe Photoshop Users. This site can be used as a guide to Photoshop as it is really put together very well including power shortcuts, how to automate repetitive Photoshop CS tasks, Cool stuff available in Adobe Photoshop, Where things are located in Photoshop, and a lot more helpful tutorials and guides.
ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS2 KILLER TIPS - "The hottest collection of cool tips and hidden secrets for AdobeƂ® Photoshop", produced by The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).
ABSOLUTE CROSS - The skills you'll learn by working through these tutorials will help give you a firm grasp of what makes Photoshop tick. Hopefully by the time you're through, you'll know your way around Photoshop and will be ready to take on more challenging projects.
80FOUR PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS -A listing of about 2 dozen quality Adobe Photoshop tutorials including Original Photoshop Tutorials of 3D Text, Gel Text, Chrome Text, Ice Text, Tunnel Effect, Perforated Ball, Gel Button, Duotone, Reflection, Dreaming, Metal Texture, Scratched Text, Stroked Text, Eroded Text, Stencil Text, Chunky Bevel, Shattered Text, Tools, Crescent, Pixel Stretch, Light Burst, and Water Texture.
13DOTS - 2 entire pages of Adobe Photoshop and InDesign tutorials.
ANDERS QVICKERS -A great resource for quality Adobe Photoshop tutorials including about 50 original tutorials for the following Photoshop lesson topics : Wood pattern, Layer/blending options, Plastic button, Dropshadows, Chromed pipe, KPT 5, Inner bevels, Artistic filters, Outer bevels, Seamless backgrounds, Sphere, Chrome/gold letters, Dynamic Interfaces, Silver coin, Stone Letters, Complex shapes in 3 different ways, Glassie sphere, Rusty Letters, Tube, Cast shadow, Fire text, Screw, Eye Candy, Burned edges, Glass text, Rusty Lattice, Combine 2 photos, Metal Text, Golden pipe, Photo edges, Outline text in 2 different ways, Metal plate, Vignette, Plastic text, Push button, Dust & Scratches, The Texturizer, TV-Screen, Radial Blur effect, Frame corner, Wires, 3D-Photo effect, Change color, and Multiplying Photoshop Effects.
BIORUST - Over 80 Original and colorful Adobe Photoshop tutorials in this basic principles, interface concepts, special effects, textures & backgrounds, digital artwork, and photographic effects.
BLUE SFEAR - Almost 250 original & unique tutorials for Adobe Photoshop tips & techniques.
B-MAN ARTWORKS - B-man Artworks is a personal portfolio and a playground, where B-Man shows off my digital creations and share tips and techniques with fellow designers and artists.
CANEN ART - A very brief Adobe Photoshop tutorials section, however they are all unique to this site. The Photoshop tutorials that they have listed on their site are as follows, Shrink your Photos down with Paint, How to download photos, 5 easy steps to set photos as desktop backgrounds, Cleaning Photos with Adobe Photoshop, Aperture Priority - How to blur your background of your picture, Shutter Speed - Using shutter speed for dramatic effects, and Color Filters - How to dramatically add life to your photos
CBT Cafe - Computer Based Training's site with great Photoshop tutorials.
CONCEPT VISIONS - A very small selection of Adobe Photoshop tutorials that are original to this site. Some of the tutorial topics including How to Create a Software Box, Futuristic Trendy Signature, Multiple Image Resize / Web Gallery, Image Extraction / Wallpaper Creation, Medieval Wall Painting, Animated Contacts, Photo Album Cover, Animated AIM Buddy Icon, Binder Paper, Comic Book Page, Create Website Business Layout, School Mascot / Logo Design, Coat of Arms / Family Crest Design, Scanline Effects, 3D Effects, and How to Design a Trendy Signature Design.
Computer Arts 2D Photoshop Tutorials - Computer Arts has a 2D Photoshop tutorials section.
COOL JEBA - An Indian online Graphics Community with a large set of original Adobe Photoshop tutorials. These tutorials are written for novice users whom are just starting to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop.
CYBER INK - Cyber Ink has some Photoshop tutorial, but only a few.
DAVRO DIGITAL - A small collection of Photoshop tutorials.
DEPICTION - If you are looking for high quality Adobe Photoshop tutorials then this index of over 50 free high quality original tutorials for Adobe Photoshop is will interest you.
DESIGN WORLD PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - About 150 original Adobe Photoshop tutorials in the following categories: Designing Logos with Adobe Photoshop, Web Design & Web Graphics with Photoshop, Photoshop Textures, Fonts and Text Effects, Photoshop Filters, Photo Manipulations, and General Photoshop Tutorials.
DESIGN TUTORIALS - This tutorials website is a resource for different graphic design & web design related tutorials. Their Adobe Photoshop tutorials section has a few hundred Adobe Photoshop tutorials listed by date submitted. These tutorials aren't categorized but are searchable.
DESIGNER PHOTOSHOP TODAY - In this tutorial site you will find excellent Adobe Photoshop tutorials and training, as well as Photoshop tips, tricks, techniques and effects. Our writers work hard to provide free Photoshop training for you! These tutorials cover Photoshop 5, Photoshop 6, Photoshop 7, Photoshop CS and Photoshop CS 2. and CS3.
DESIGNER TODAY - You can't forget about Designer Today, they always have had great tutorials.
DEVPPL - Over 2,500 Adobe Photoshop tutorials categorized into a lot of subtopics to make it easier to find the tutorial that you need. Some of the Photoshop lessons categories include Animation, Photoshop Basics, Buttons, Color, Designing, Drawing, Effects, Photo Manipulation, Text Effects, Textures and Patterns, and Web Layouts.
DIGITAL TROPIC - About 20 great tips and tricks to learn.
DR. PHOTOSHOP - A few dozen Adobe Photoshop tutorials including lessons for Creating Photoshop images, including tutorials for Photo Adjustments, Create OS X Icons, Colorful Abstract Images, Design Layout, Correction (Video) , Change Colors, Vector Art, Torn Photo Effect, Color Swatches, Birdhouse Skateboard, Retro Dot Photo, Pixel Stretching, Photo Guide, Paint Swirl, World Night Light, Curved Lines, Import from AI CS2, Lamp Animation, iChat Icon, Guide to HDR, Graffiti, Adding Foreground, Flag Orb, Drawing tutorials, Dot Patterns, Cork Board Creation, Create a 3D die, Create a folder layout, Photoshop Web Layout 1, Creating Laminated Cards, Guide to Bridge CS2, How to Create a black aqua interface, How to Create an iPod person from a commercial, and more.
ELATED PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - Elated's Photoshop tutorials will teach you lots of cool techniques and skills for Adobe Photoshop. Whether you're an absolute beginner or Photoshop expert, you'll find loads of useful Photoshop tips here.
EYES ON DESIGN - Over 30 Adobe Photoshop tutorials on this beautifully designed website. Some of the Photoshop lessons include topics such as Ways to Convert Your Photos to Black and White, Techniques for Creating Soft Desaturated Colors, How to Create Chrome Buttons, How to Create Cool Web Interfaces, How to Create a Pixelated Shadow, How to Create Button Bars, How to Use the Photoshop Liquify Tool, How to Slice Images in your Web Design Projects, How to Implement Patterns in Your Photoshop imagery, How to Create a Screw, and many more Adobe Photoshop Tutorials, Tips, and Techniques.
FOTO EFFECTS - All original Photoshop tutorials with hundreds to choose from from beginning to advanced level. These Adobe Photoshop tutorials are categorized into Photoshop Basics, Drawing, Infrared Effects, Photo Effects, Photo Retouching, Scripting, Special Effects, Text Effects, Vehicle Effects, and Web Development.
FREE WEBMASTER RESOURCES - 19 Adobe Photoshop tutorials including topics such as How to Create 3D Globs, Actions and Batching, Box Art, Brushes, Chromage, Colorburst, Colorize, Fire Text: Tutorial, Grunge: Tutorial, Ice Text: Tutorial, Keyboard Shortcuts: Tutorial, Lighting Effects: Tutorial, Masking: Tutorial, Micro Buttons: Tutorial, Neon Glow Text: Tutorial, Creating Outlines, Paths: Tutorial, Seamless Water Texture: Tutorial, and Texture Wrapping: Tutorial.
GRAPHIC ADDICTS - About 40 original Adobe Photoshop tutorials included within this website for Photoshop users. Some of the tutorials included are for creating 3D text, animate lightening, making an Aurora Borealis effect,colorizing photos, creating Faux 3D Objects, making an infusion, manipulating images in Photoshop, and more.
GREY COBRA - With nearly 200 High Quality Lessons, is a leader in teaching users across the globe the basics, advanced techniques, and the same graphical effects which the professionals use in Adobe Photoshop. With the help of our Lessons, you can learn to become a professional digital artist in no time!
HEATH ROWE - A collection of over 170 original Adobe Photoshop tutorials with lessons spanning several categories, including Photoshop tutorial topics for Automation, Color Manipulation, ImageReady, Knockout Power Tricks, Layer Blending Styles, Other Tools Techniques, Painting Techniques, Pattern/Texture Techniques, Pen Tool Techniques, Shape Tools Techniques, ShortCuts, Tips & Tricks, Type Tool Techniques, and Web Design Techniques.
IDESIGNTHIS PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - About 100 unique Adobe Photoshop tutorials that are neither searchable nor categorized. However, these tutorials seem as if they are quality lessons.
INFINITE DESIGNS - Including about 50 Adobe Photoshop tutorials, this Photoshop resource includes the help that you might be looking for to improve your Photoshop skills.
INSIDE GRAPHICS - A large selection of Adobe Photoshop tutorials for beginning to advanced level Photoshop lessons including topics on Learning Tools, Image Effects, Digital Arts, Retouching, Text Effects, Frames, Web Buttons, Textures, and Plugins tutorials. There is also an Advance level free Photoshop training course as well as a Free 75 lessons Beginner's and Intermediate Photoshop Course provided on this site.
INVANO - A nice listing of about 50 original Adobe Photoshop tutorials, including How to Create Glowing Text, How to Use the Clone Tool, How to Create a Glossy Button, How to Add a Tattoo with Photoshop, How to Blend Images, How to Add Focal Range, How to Use the Background Eraser, How to Create Icy Text, How to Create a Clean Layout, Creating Metallic Navigation Bars, How to Stretch Pixels, and many more Photoshop tutorials.
JAY ARRAICH'S PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS & TIPS - A great selection of Adobe Photoshop tutorials that are both original as well as very helpful to beginning and intermediate Photoshop users. Some of the tutorials include: Using Photoshop Brushes, Photoshop Basics, Reference: Tools, Reference: Palettes, Reference: Filters, Reference: Effects, Selections, Channels, Basic Layers, Basic Pen, How Much?, Color Management, Color Correction, Curves, Levels, or Brightness/Contrast?, Combining Images, Combining Images II, Combining Images III, Compositing in Photoshop, Perfect Blend, Multicolor Fill, Dodge and Burn, Duotones, Styles On Masks, Organic Textures, Abstract Background, Make a Frame, 3D Wire Text, Doodling, Older Tutorials, Quick Mask, Rubber stamping, More Adjustments, Sharpening, Filters, and Color Tutorials.
KENETIX CYBERNEXUS - A very small collection of Adobe Photoshop tutorials, including only 6 tutorials about Pixel Stretching, Creating a Stylish Glass Bar, Designing Reflective Text, Creating a Signature with Video, Making a Wire in Photoshop, and Creating AC/DC Sigs in Photoshop.
FX ZONE - Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop better with these original & unique Adobe Photoshop tutorials. They are also now starting to have Live IRC Photoshop tutorials so let us know if you try it and if it is a good way to learn Photoshop.
LAURIE MCCANNA'S ADOBE PHOTOSHOP TIPS AND TUTORIALS - Many of these tutorials are for older versions of Adobe Photoshop back to version 5.0, but most of these tutorials are still applicable to current version Adobe Photoshop CS.
LUNACORE ADOBE PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - About 30 original Adobe Photoshop tutorials including lesson topics such as How to Turn photos into line drawings, how to create realistic rainbows, how to create transparent 3d objects, how to smooth edges, and more.
METICULOUS DESIGN PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - Only 7 Adobe Photoshop tutorials with the following topics, creating a retro effect, creating tentacles, sketching, scanlines, creating a reflection, applying eye color, and how to create an affiliate button.
MICKM - Hundreds of original Adobe Photoshop tutorials to search or browse through. All of the tutorials are rated so you know whether or not to bother with them.
MIKE'S SKETCHPAD TUTORIALS - Whether you prepare images for print media or the Internet, Photoshop should be included in your tool chest of graphics applications. Here are but a small sampling of Photoshop tutorials which you can do to increase your skills. These tutorials are a great collection of tutorials to start you out on your way to Photoshoping including Opening/Closing Paths, Modifying Paths / Points, Using Clipping Paths, Keyboard Shortcuts, Shortcut Examples, Pen Tutorial Templates, Pen Tips, Custom Textures, Tiling Textures, One-Pixel Brush, Layer Basics, Channel Basics, Drop Shadows, Halo Text Effects, Cool Hand Dingbats, Defringing Halos, Clear Text Effects, and EPS Files Lessons.
NET-REACH PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - A collection of wonderful Adobe Photoshop lessons including tutorials, including Nice Kelp-like pattern, Beveled Text, A nice grid, Rainbow String-tangle thingy, Chrome, Burning Text, Ghost effects, Fireball technique, How to create organic rock, How to carve an object, Easy 3-d text, Nice Aurora effect, A new section: fun stuff to play around with, How to smooth jaggies and noise, A nice paint effect, Funky Text, Nebula Effect by Otaku, and Nice Bevel tutorials.
NEW TUTORIALS - Photoshop Basics, Photo Manipulations, Photoshop Text Effects, Photoshop Textures, Making Web Graphics & Interfaces, Creating Cool Textures & Backgrounds, and more.
N-SANE - N-Sane includes about 40 Adobe Photoshop tutorials that were made to be the most easy to follow tutorials possible. All our tutorials are under 20 steps. The tips and tricks shown here will make you an expert graphic designer in no time! So go get to those photoshop tutorials!
PHONG PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - About 15 available Adobe Photoshop tips and tutorials with topics such as creating rounded edges, drop shadows, starbursts, dripping slimes, outlines, chipped type, wireframe sphere, anti-aliasing, scan lines, screen blending, lighting effects, adjustment layers, disgruntled dots, ePlastic, and more.
PHOTOSHOP BLOG DOT NET - I really enjoy looking through the posts and tutorials on this Adobe Photoshop blog. will show you the secrets to flabbergasting Photoshop-effects. With as little effort possible, achieve the greatest results.
PHOTOSHOP BOX - About 100 original Adobe Photoshop tutorials. These tutorials are neither categorized or searchable. However, since there are only 10 pages of tutorials, I don't think that categories or searching is necessary.
PHOTOSHOP CAFE - A large selection of free original Adobe Photoshop tutorials by Colin Smith, as well as a video Photoshop training series (not free).
PHOTOSHOP HOW - A couple pages of Adobe Photoshop tutorials that are unique and effectively written.
PHOTOSHOP TIPS AND TRICKS - A large selection of helpful Adobe Photoshop tips and tricks that are continuously being updated and added to.
PHOTOSHOP NEWS TIPS - A huge resource for Adobe Photoshop. One of's sections is Photoshop Tips and is a great place to find current tutorials, tips, and helpful articles for Adobe Photoshop advancement.
PHOTOSHOP SUPPORT - Photoshop Support features free and original Adobe Photoshop tutorials by top Photoshop experts as well as links to free Photoshop brushes, plugins and resources.
PHOTOSHOP WORKSHOP - An Adobe Photoshop resource with over 1,900 Adobe Photoshop tutorials to learn Photoshop with most of these tutorials complete with step by step instructions that should give you the knowledge to create some great images for logo designs or web sites. These Photoshop tutorials are categorized into the following topics, Basic tips and shortcuts, Issues dealing with color and color manipulation, Photo editing and Scanning tips, Text effects, Special effects, Textures and backgrounds, Interface design, Learning the Photoshop tools, and other tutorials.
PICTURE CORRECT - A collection of unique tutorials for tips for photo editing and interesting techniques that photographers can use to correct exposure & coloration in their photographs with Adobe Photoshop.
PIMP MY COM - Over 70 Original Adobe Photoshop tutorials as well as over 900 links to Photoshop tutorials on outside sites.
PIXEL ADDICTION - A resource for digital artists that contains 30 original Adobe Photoshop tutorials including topics regarding Lighting effects with Photoshop tutorials, Color Correction techniques, Using the History Brush to Fix Photo Scratches, Creating Bubbles & Spheres, Using Advanced Overlays, Creating a Renaissance Painting Effect, Turning Day into Night, and many more Photoshop tutorials.
PLANET PHOTOSHOP - A long standing, great resource for Adobe Photoshop users with Photoshop news, tutorials, forums, and other helpful items related to Photoshop.
POLYKARBON PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - Located on this website are several tutorials that should Photoshop drawing lessons are on the right-side of this page.
PRAGT PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - A lot of great Photoshop tutorials for creating neat effects.
RENDEROSITY - An only community for artists and digital artists online. There are hundred of art related tutorials listed on this site, however there are also over 60 Adobe Photoshop tutorials listed here mostly related to digital artistry, Photograph restoration, photo editing, and the basics of Adobe Photoshop.
RUSSELL BROWN'S PHOTOSHOP TIPS AND TRICKS - A large selection of Adobe Photoshop video tutorials. Simply download these Adobe Photoshop tricks and tips for viewing in iTunes, or on your iPod.
New Photoshop tricks, tips, and techniques will be added to this website each month.
SABERFUSION PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - A couple dozen Adobe Photoshop tutorials including tutorials for a basic signature, a glassy effect, radial effect, text glow effect, indented lines, fading scan lines, a basic grunge signature, signature text, dodge viper lines, rain splash, simple rollover, sequencing, patterns, msn search buttons, and more.
SPOONO - Three pages of original Adobe Photoshop tutorials on various topics such as Photoshop actions, creating aged documents, how to create 3d Software boxes, how to create a bullet hole effect, chrome effects as well as other special effects, text effects, colorizing & other color tutorials, creating grunge effects, making web graphics / buttons / navigation / orbs, tutorials for how to create and use Photoshop paths, techniques for photo editing and touch ups, how to create pixel borders, and much more.
STEALTH DESIGNZ - All the tutorials found on Stealth Designz are unique and are found nowhere else. There are a few dozen unique tutorials with all levels of learning, from beginners to advanced levels. Some of the Adobe Photoshop tutorials covered are Abstract Grunge Photo Manipulation, Abstract Brushing, Simple Design and Layouts, Designing a Web Header, How to Create Cartoons, Creating Retro Designs, Creating Text Effects, Drawing an Eye, and more.
STOCK VAULT - A small collection of about 10 Adobe Photoshop tutorials including the following tutorials for Photoshop - From 3D Max to Photoshop, Animated Buttons, 45 Degree Line Pattern, Smooth Your Edges, Pixel Stretching, Pixel Borders, Smooth and Highlighting, Photo Adjustments, Enhancing Digital Photographs, Showcasing Your Work, and also a tutorial for Creating a Sinister Looking Sky in Photoshop.
TECH TUTS - A Website Development Tutorial Site that has about a dozen tutorials related to using Photoshop to create web graphics.
TUTORIAL FORUMS - In the Summer of 2001, a website by the name of TutorialForums was released. By the powers of the founders David Dunkerly (AbsoluteCross), Akash Goel and Brian Fusco (Spoono) and of course Rob (Robouk) himself; a community built to support and help beginners (newbies) on their design work and development work.
TUTORIAL FX - With over 70 Adobe Photoshop tutorials in its database, Tutorial FX has one of the largest onsite collections of Photoshop tutorials, all levels of Photoshop Users will be able to learn from this site.
TUTORIAL GUIDE - A large tutorials site with all sorts of categories. There most popular category, of course, is for Adobe Photoshop tutorials. These are all original Photoshop tutorials on topics such as Airbrushing, Abstract Image Composition, Photo Effects, Web Graphics, Buttons, & Interface Creation, Special Effects, Filters, Using Lines & Grids, and Text Effects.
TUTORIAL KIT - Tutorial Kit is a comprehensive resource of unique Adobe Photoshop tutorials and tips to help users of all skill levels reach their full potential. Browse our rich selection of 2,255 high quality professional tutorials to find that exact Photoshop effect or technique you're looking for!
TUTORIAL PARK - About 50 original Adobe Photoshop tutorials that will help you learn how to create some cool special effects, textures, and textual effects. Many of these effects would be very useful for creating some cool web graphics.
TUTORIAL STREAM - Tutorial Stream is an Adobe Photoshop Lessons Site with a large amount of Photoshop tutorials (I think - I couldn't find a number on the site). These tutorials aren't subcategorized so easy browsing isn't an option. However, there is a search feature so if you are okay with searching through these tutorials, you will be fine.
TUTORIAL WHIZ - is an Adobe Photoshop tutorial resource bringing you some cool and unique techniques to apply to your own Photoshop masterpiece. All of these 85+ Photoshop tutorials are original & unique
TUTORIAL ZONE - A Photoshop tutorial site that has tutorials in video format.
UNOFFICIAL PHOTOSHOP WEBLOG - A blog with tutorials for Adobe Photoshop.
VECPIX - A great Adobe Photoshop tutorials site with all unique & original tutorials listed on their site. Most of these Photoshop tutorials are related to special effects, text effects, web graphics & buttons, avatars such as how to create web backgrounds, how to make borders, how to create a beveled corner effect, and more.
VISUAL DESIGN CORE - Visual Design Core has about 50 Adobe Photoshop tutorials written by their Photoshop expert Authors.
VOIDIX - An Adobe Photoshop tutorials resource ranging from many different kinds of special effects, text effects, interface effects, web sets, and more. This list of helpful step-by-step tutorials is sure to help you on your way to becoming the graphics designer you always thought you could be.
WACOM TIPS AND TRICKS - The creators of the Wacom Graphics Tablet have a handy Photoshop tutorials section on their site. Everything from beginners, to intermediate, to advanced level Photoshop tutorials are available on their site.
WEB DESIGN LIBRARY - Over 2,000 Adobe Photoshop tutorials listed directly on The Web Design Library. Some of the tutorials included within categories on this site are tutorials for Photoshop Basics, Special Effects, Text Effects, 3D Effects, Textures & Patterns, Web Layout, Drawing Techniques, Color Management, Photo Editing, and ImageReady Animation tutorials.
WEB DOG PRO PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - Over 140 original, quality Adobe Photoshop lessons that will guide you both easy and difficult Adobe Photoshop tasks.
WORTH 1000 - Worth 1000 is known for their great contests, but they also have great tutorials as well.
TUTS4YOU - About 80 unique Adobe Photoshop tutorials that are searchable but no subcategories to make browsing easier. Overall, this looks like a nice Photoshop tutorials site.
ZYMIC - Over 50 Adobe Photoshop tutorials posted by fellow members of the Zymic site.
ACTION FX - An Adobe Photoshop members only tutorials site. If you are a member of Action FX, you will get access to Action FX's Members-Only Tutorials on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Elements including tutorials for Image Correction, Special Effects, Automation Type Effects, as well as Video Photoshop Tutorials.



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