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How about a torrent for those of us with internet connections that won't stay connected for long enough to download from and similar sites.


Check out this link man ;)

I paid for a premium membership for faster downloads, but can't get more than 30-40 KB/sec with my 6Mb DSL connection.

hi Bob,

Your problem is really serious.
I have a 512 DSL line that downloads at the same rate! 40 KB/sec.
I guess you need to contact your ISP!

There is normally nothing wrong with my connection. I regularly get download speeds around 600KB/sec. I think your web site did not give me the promised download speed after paying.

Oh, sorry Bob for my misunderstood.
I don't really recommend
as a download server, it was one of my friends who uploaded these files.

Anyway, next time i'll get sure to upload the materials myself, and upload them to many download servers at a time; because, there are some problems happened also with other materials i put here in my blog.

Thank you, and wish to see you here alway.

Thanks for the round up of web design tutorials, sure this will come in handy.