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Android Gets App Love From Photoshop And Slacker

Coinciding with the availability of the Motorola Droid and the HTC Eris at Verizon Wireless stores today, the Android Market is featuring two juicy, new applications. Mobile and Slacker Radio mean more photo editing and Internet radio powers for Android lovers.

Adobe introduced Mobile for the iPhone just a few weeks ago. Now it's Android's turn.

The application works in conjunction with a account (which is free), and allows users to sync up to 2GB of photos with the site. The best part of this integration with is that Android users can access their entire online photo library from their phone.

The most basic features offered by the software include cropping, rotating and flipping; ways to alter color exposure, saturation, tin, white and black; filters that apply sketching or soft focus; as well as effects such as vignetting, borders white glow and so on.

Most of the features are enabled with one touch, such as dragging your fingers across the screen to crop and rotate photos.

Adobe says that Mobile for Android offers some features that aren't available in the iPhone version. Users can automatically upload pictures to albums in the background, even when the Mobile application is not running. The new tab-based user interface enables users to view local and online content. Also, the Android Photo Browser makes maneuvering through photos fast and convenient, bringing users’ complete photo collections right to their pockets. Mobile for Android sounds like a great way to take advantage of the 5 megapixel cameras that are in both the Droid and the Eris.

For the music fan, Slacker Radio is also now available from the Android Market. Slacker is already available for other smartphone platforms such as the iPhone and BlackBerry OS. It allows users to take advantage of their phones' data connections to stream custom radio stations. Once you create a (free) account online, keeping your preferences and music in sync with your device is a snap.

Both apps are free. Enjoy.