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Easy tutorial: Repainting a car

Step 1
In this tutorial I will be using a picture of a Lamborgini Gallardo. The car is silver so we can start straight away with adding color to it. Should you however want to do this trick on a car in a color other then silver, black or white i recommend you to make the parts you want to color black and white before procceding with this tutorial.
Step 2

Selection with polygonal lasso tool

To get a selection of the parts that I want to collor I will be using the Polygonal Lasso Tool You dont have to be very precis when making the selection it will look good anyway. In the picture to the left you can se how I make the selection.

Step 3

When you have selected the entire car and subtracted areas such as windows etc that is not going to be colored you should have a selection ressembling the one bellow.

Paint parts selected
Step 4

Now create a new layer and fill the selection with your color of taste, now the car is not to pretty any more.

Car body filled with color
Step 5

Layer blending options

This is the fun part, try out the different blend options availible and see what effect you think looks the best.
I went with soft light which I think gave the car a realistic and nice color.

Step 6
Here is the before and after picture, move the mouse over the car to see what it used to look like.