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Turn any photo into wallpaper (background)

Hi everyone ,first I'm sorry for not posting from along time (school and exams ...ect) but the summer is came and my tutorials will never stop
second this is an easy lessons teach how to turn any photo to nice wallpaper
from this

to this

first choose your image and try to choose it fully color and hasn't the color white or black very much
i choose this

you can see it with the real size click here

1-duplicate layer

2- select from th menu: image>Apply image

3-put the option just like the pic then click OK

4-from the filter menu select Sketch>Water Paper...

5-put the options of the filter just like the pic the click OK:

6-select the background layer :

7-with the elliptical marquee tool (m) select the area which you to be a little brightness then the rest :

8-right click with the mouse then select feather :


9-press (Ctrl+C) then (Ctrl+v) to turn the selected area in new layer:

10-change the blend mode to "overlay" :

11-select the background copy then set the opacity to 85 or as you like

and this is the final result :