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Simple text animation

1. Start off with the basic image that you would like to add animation to.

2. A frame is each individual picture that the .GIF shows in sequence. Try to avoid adding new layers onto your image after you have made more than one frame, since this will usually add the same thing to all frames. To avoid this, add all aspects of your animation before you make any new frames.

Note that "Tutorial" "Is" and "Awesome" are all on different layers.

3. Next, add 3 more frames to your image (A).


Here is my setup:

Frame1 - Only "TutorialMan" layer & background visible
Frame2 - Only "Is" layer & background visible
Frame3 - Only "Awesome" layer & background visible
Frame4 - Only background visible

You can toggle visibility by clicking the button next to your layers.

3. In (A) this is what we have so far. You can test your animation by pressing the "Play" button at the bottom of this box. (B) is what you will have right now.


4. This animation is too fast. You can slow down each individual frame by clicking on the "0 Sec" dropdown box, and change the time that the frame will appear. Do this on all of them and you will have a great animation.