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Easy tutorial: Sticky note

Step 1
Create a new document: 300x300 pixels.
Step 2
Create a new layer and call it 'sticky note'.
Select the Pen Tool (P) and start defining some control points in order to shape them as a sticky note.

You can follow these images as an example:

Step 3
Duplicate the 'sticky note' layer, name it 'shadow' and drag it bellow the 'sticky note' layer.
Step 4
Go to blending options of the 'sticky note' layer (should be on the very top) and use these values:

; Gradient Overlay
  • Opacity: 100%
  • Gradient: from #f4db42 in location 0% to #ffec69 in location 100%;
  • Style: Linear (Align with Layer - checked)
  • Angle: 72ยบ
  • Scale: 100%
Step 5
Go back to your 'shadow' layer. Apply a dark color on it (black is fine) by double-clicking the color thumbnail and picking the color you want.
Step 6
Nudge it to the left and to the bottom by 6 (to 8) pixels each.
Step 7
Change the opacity of this layer ('shadow') to approximately 50%.
Step 8
Press Ctrl+T or go to menu Edit > Free Transform to transform this layer.
Step 9
You'll now see 8 control points. Hold down Ctrl and click and drag the top-left control point right under the sticky note margin.

Use the images bellow as reference.

Extra step 9
Extra: if you prefer to add blur effect to the 'shadow' (will result in a soft shadow). To do this go to menu: Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set it to 3,5 pixels.
Step 10
To give it a more realistic look I went over to and searched within the Creative Commons licenses for 'wood texture' and found this one by alexeya.
I downloaded this image and applied it as a background to the existing image.
Step 11
To complete the overall look I added some handwriting text. Enjoy!
Give it a sleek shiny look:
Shiny: Step 1
Ctrl+Click on the 'sticky note' layer. This will create a selection with the note shape.
Shiny: Step 2
Create a new layer on top of that one and name it 'shiny'.
Shiny: Step 3
Right click on the Marquee tool and select Elliptical Marquee Tool.
Shiny: Step 4
Make sure the option 'Subtract from selection' selected.
Shiny: Step 5
Click and drag your mouse until you get a nice subtraction of the existing selection to make the shiny effect.
Shiny: Step 6
Select the Gradient Tool (G) and set your foreground color to white (#FFFFFF).
Go to the Gradient dropdown selection and click the second one: Foreground to Transparent.
Now, click and drag your mouse through the selection as you see below:
This is the result